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June 17, 2013 · 7:42 pm

Israeli/Palestinian Water Conflict Questions

Based on your own research of the Israeli/Palestinian water conflict and on the talk by Skip Schiel, write a blog entry in which you address one or more of the following questions:

  • What should be the U.S. official stance on this water conflict?
  • What are your impressions of the Israeli/Palestinian water conflict?
  • As someone who lives in Sitka, how well do you relate to the Israeli/Palestinian water conflict?  Explain.
  • Which website that you explored best presented the scope of the problem?  Give the name and URL of the website.  Be sure, too, to justify your answer.
  • What is a solution to the Israeli/Palestinian water conflict?


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Acquiring Geo Info: Israel/Palestine Water Exploration

  1. It Is Apartheid:
  2. Palestinian Hydrology Group:
  3. Israel Palestine Center for Environment:
  4. Friends of the Earth Middle East: by watching the video at:
  5. Water Is A Major Geopolitical Power Tool In Israel:
  6. Israel Helping to Quench Mideast Water Crisis:
  7. Thirst for water a sinking point at Israel-Palestine talks:
  8. The Secrets of Saving:
  9. Israel Restricts Jordan Valley Water Access:
  10. Israel to focus on desalinization to deal with water woes:
  11. Israel Threatens to Cut Gaza Water, Power:
  12. Visualizing Palestine:

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Where Are Primate Cities?

Go the CIA WorldFactbook.  (See the link under the Urban Category or here.)   Choose one of the countries you did for your Gapminder project.  Go to the People and Society category.  Scroll down to the Major Cities subcategory.  Decide whether or not your country has a primate city.  Note that on the table on the window (see table on chart paper).  Does the country follow the rank size rule?  Does it have a world city?  (See Megacity?  (Note the number of megacities.)  Gateway city?  (Note the name of the city.)  As the table fills, what do you notice about the pattern of which countries have primate cities and which follow the rank-size rule?  After you publish your info on the chart paper on the window, you can add it in here as a comment to this post.  You can also investigate a second country while you wait and post that information as a comment here.

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Where Am I?


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India: Bangalore!!!!!

After watching 1-800-INDIA, be sure to finish the questions and map question.  (You should have already highlighted the answers to the sidebar questions.)  Be sure to turn in your packet to the basket in the classroom.

After the video, Ms. Lucas will be taking you to the library to write questions for me.  On Tuesday, I should be in Bangalore visiting various high tech industries.  After reading the 1-800-INDIA briefing and watching the video and knowing I will be in Bangalore, what GEOGRAPHIC questions should I be trying to answer during my visit?  EACH of you needs to pose at least ONE great geographic question for me before Monday (as Bangalore is 14.5 hours ahead of Sitka, so I need your question by Monday your time) and include it in a response to this post.   Include your initials with your response to this post so that I can give you credit for posting it.

You can find out more about 1-800-INDIA here.


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Gapminder Presentations

Your links should be posted as a response to this link.  Use only your initials in your post.  Make sure to use bullets or numbers in your post, so that the links are easy to read and follow.


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