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Mapping Ebola

Now that we have had a chance to evaluate the maps of the Ebola epidemic (see the links under Ebola on this blog:  right-hand margin), spend some time explaining your choice for the best map (or set of maps) by replying to this blog post.  Examine your scoring guide before and after you make your comments.



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Population Review 11/18/10

Start your review today by opening this PowerPoint to decide on the odd-one-out on each slide.  You can do this with a partner or help from others nearby.

Then do to the review quiz from Human Geography in Action for both Chapters 4 and 5.  (If the direct links don’t work, look under Flash Cards for each chapter.)

Finally, before the test on Tuesday, submit answers for the Knox and Marston concept review (quiz).  They need to be e-mailed to me.  See my e-mail on the SHS website.

Remember that the population test is on Tuesday.  Makeup time is lab on Wednesday.

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Population Unit

We started our population unit last week and all students received the unit calendar.  Big dates are 10/28 for a classroom debate on immigration, 11/4 and 11/6 for a classroom showing of Hotel Rwanda, 11/10 for refugee presentations, and 11/13 for the unit test.

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