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Primate Cities and More

  • Go the CIA WorldFactbook.  (See the link under the Urban Category or here.)
  • Choose one of the countries you did for your Gapminder project.
  • Go to the People and Society category.  Scroll down to the Major Cities subcategory.
  • Decide whether or not your country has a primate city.  (see page 408-409 in Knox and Marston.) Note that on the table on the window (see table on chart paper).
  • Does the country follow the rank size rule?  (See page 408-410 in Knox and Marston.)
  • Does it have a world city?  (See
  • Megacity?  (See pages 419-420 In Knox and Marston.) (Note the number of megacities.)
  • Does the country have a gateway city?  (Note the name of the city.)  (See page 400 in Knox and Marston.)
  • As the table fills, what do you notice about the pattern of which countries have primate cities and which follow the rank-size rule?  After you publish your info on the chart paper on the window, you can add it in here as a comment to this post.
  • You can also investigate a second country while you wait and post that information on the second sheet.

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