Gapminder 2015



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11 responses to “Gapminder 2015

  1. Misha Bekeris

    Misha Bekeris
    Countries: Finland, Myanmar, Palau, Turkmenistan – Child Mortality v. Fertility – Income v. HDI – How far North v. Life Expectancy

  2. JL

    Mean years in schooling/age 15-24 employment:


    How far to the North/ratio of boys and girls in secondary education:

  3. Will Pate

    Will Pate – Gapminder Presentation 2015

    Murder per 100,000 vs Income per person
    Age at first marriage vs Literacy rate adult female
    Battle Deaths per 100,000 vs Child Mortality (0-5 age per 1000 born)

  4. OF

    O.F. Gapminder graphs

    Education vs murder & Education vs Pollution

    Agriculture vs Life Expectancy

    Urbanization vs Health Spending

  5. KM

    Five Gapminder Relationships:

    -Primary school completion/Female life expectancy:
    -Contraceptive use/Child mortality:
    -Median age/Ag % of GDP:
    -HDI/How far to the north:
    -Expenditure per student/Age at first marriage:

  6. A C life expectancy vs urban percent child mortality vs MCV Immunized childs + elders vs income per person

  7. Hallie Income vs. Corruption Infant Mortality vs. Democracy Score Bad Teeth vs. Sanitation

  8. Jack Petersen

    Jack Petersen – Life expectancy v literacy in adults Life expectancy v time Mean of education years (women) v improved sanitation

  9. EJG

    Countries: New Zealand, Cameroon, Kuwait, Thailand – Children per Woman v. Female Salaried Workers – Children Mortality Rate v. Yearly CO2 Emissions – Military Expenditure v. Aid Received (US $)

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