Gapminder Links Spring 2014

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14 responses to “Gapminder Links Spring 2014

  1. LHC
    1. medical doctors and services
    2. sulfur emissions and industry
    3. male labor 15-64 and income GDP
    4. children per women and infant mortality
    5. time and life expectancy

  2. J


    Time Vs. Life expectancy

    Income Per Person Vs. Primary completion rate, total

    Energy Use per Person Vs. Cumulative CO2 Emissions

    Infant Mortality Rate Vs. Median Age

    Children per Women Vs. Population, total

  3. MR
    1. children per woman & income per person
    2. contraceptive use & child mortality
    3. life expectancy & children per woman
    4. teen fertility rate & total fertility rate
    5. life expectancy & income per person

  4. JDI
    1.Children per Woman and Mortality Rate
    2.Mean Years in School at Reproductive Age and Children Per Woman
    3. Mean years in School men 25 years and older and Life Expectancy
    4. Infant Mortality per 1000 births and Life Expectancy
    5.Median Age and Income

  5. Alivia Richards


    Income per person/Imports
    Number affected annually by storms/Total aid received
    (Data on Denmark unavailable for Total aid received)
    Energy use/Urban population
    Services/Salaried workers
    Life expectancy/DTP3 immunized

  6. EMB

    Income per person vs.Children per Woman

    Improved Sanitation rural access vs. Child Mortality

    Urban Pop vs. Surface Area

    Ratio of Girls to Boys secondary school vs. HDI

    Primary completion rate vs. 15-24 employment rate

  7. RJP

    1. fertility/ life expectancy
    2. females in school/ 1st marriage
    3.survivingkids/ fertility
    5. child mortality/ income

  8. 1.Ratio of girls to boys in primary and secondary education and income per person
    2.Food supply and life expectancy
    3.Roads paved and CO2 emissions
    4.Agriculture workers and wood removal
    5.Industry workers and income per person

  9. MRR
    1. Urban population and Income per person
    2. Literacy rates (% adults 15+) and Labor force participation (15-64)
    3. Population density and percent urban
    4. Sugar per person and bad teeth per child
    5. Aid received per person and human development index (HDI)

  10. JD Murphy

    1.Life expectancy and Age at first Marriage
    2. Child mortality and Total health spending
    3. Energy use per person and Income per person
    4. HDI and all causes of death in newborns
    5. Income per person and Services

  11. CP

    1: – comparing income per capita and democracy score
    2: – comparing income per capita and male BMI
    3: – comparing gov’t health spending per capita and median age
    4: – comparing income per capita and gov’t health spending per capita
    5: – comparing mean years in school for women of reproductive age and total fertility

  12. Louis Belley


    1. Infant Mortality Rate & Life Expectancy
    2. Children Per Women & Life Expectancy
    3. Income Per Person & Life Expectancy
    4. Surviving Kids Per Women & Time
    5. Life Expectancy & Time

  13. EAAB

    1. Ratio of girls to boys in primary and secondary school vs. total GDP (US$, inflation adjusted

    2. Primary Completion (% of girls) vs. Children per woman

    3. Population, total vs. Life Expectancy (years)

    4. Time vs. Aged 15+ employment rate (%)

    5. Improved sanitation vs. Life Expectancy (years)

  14. Melanie Villanueva

    1. Infant Mortality vs Child Deaths
    2.Improved Sanitation vs Roads Paved
    3.Age 15+ Employment Rate vs Personal Computers
    4.Life Expectancy vs Time
    5.Contraceptive vs # of child deaths

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