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Israeli/Palestinian Water Conflict Questions

Based on your own research of the Israeli/Palestinian water conflict and on the talk by Skip Schiel, write a blog entry in which you address one or more of the following questions:

  • What should be the U.S. official stance on this water conflict?
  • What are your impressions of the Israeli/Palestinian water conflict?
  • As someone who lives in Sitka, how well do you relate to the Israeli/Palestinian water conflict?  Explain.
  • Which website that you explored best presented the scope of the problem?  Give the name and URL of the website.  Be sure, too, to justify your answer.
  • What is a solution to the Israeli/Palestinian water conflict?


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Acquiring Geo Info: Israel/Palestine Water Exploration

  1. It Is Apartheid:
  2. Palestinian Hydrology Group:
  3. Israel Palestine Center for Environment:
  4. Friends of the Earth Middle East: by watching the video at:
  5. Water Is A Major Geopolitical Power Tool In Israel:
  6. Israel Helping to Quench Mideast Water Crisis:
  7. Thirst for water a sinking point at Israel-Palestine talks:
  8. The Secrets of Saving:
  9. Israel Restricts Jordan Valley Water Access:
  10. Israel to focus on desalinization to deal with water woes:
  11. Israel Threatens to Cut Gaza Water, Power:
  12. Visualizing Palestine:

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