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Debate Prep

Scan the debate packet on “Resolved:  Current immigration laws in the U.S. should be enforced.”  Come to class on Monday prepared with notes on ten Affirmative and ten Negative arguments.  Use the notetaking graphic organizer for these notes.  On the affirmative side of the paper you will have 10 arguments for the affirmative side and one supporting arugment for each.  You will have gotten these from scanning the debate packet.  The same will happen on the negative side.  For example, Affirmative argument #1 is:  “Illegal immigration is inundating America.”  On page 2 of the packet, you will find supporting statements for this argument.  In reading this page, perhaps you think that the argument that “California does not have the infrastructure to handle tens of millions more immigrants.”  This would be written into the first box along with “Illegal immigration is inundating America.”  By the time you are done, each box on both sides of your notetaking organizer will be filled.  We will add to these notes with some new material in class on Monday and then debate as a class on Tuesday.


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