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Students in NJ

Connect with other junior and senior AP Human Geography students.  These students have to write a research paper which entails developing a geographical hypothesis, gathering data, and testing their hypothesis. This year they are blogging about their project, reaching out to the wider community for help, inspiration, and support.  Look at their blogs at and offer them support in their work.   This Netvibes site ( is a portal that is collecting all of the blog feeds for each student.  If you would like to view an individual student’s blog, just click on their name located in the orange bar.  Their blog should open in a separate browser.  So far, students have posted a few responses, and each response has an option for comments.  Just click on the “comments” link under the post you’d like to provide feedback for.  It may ask you for your email address so that students can “accept” your post (which is a security feature only meant to prevent spam).   Students will be posting throughout the various stages of their research process (from proposal to data collection to presentation to reflection/assessment), so feel free to check back periodically to see how they are doing.  There’s some fun stuff:  From where do NFL players come?  What is the geography of US cheerleading?  What are the beaches used by New Jersey high schoolers and their families?

Have fun and connect!


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Deadline to Register for May AP Exam: March 18

 The AP exam date for AP Human Geography is Friday, May 14, 2010, at 8 am at UAS. 

Deadlines:  The deadline for signing up for the exam will be  Thursday, March 18th (right before Spring Break).  Students will have to stop and visit us in the counseling office to sign up. 

Fees:  As in previous years, the test fee for any AP Exam is $86.   

Potential Issues:  I was warned that AP Exam time is right around track, baseball, and softball time, and thus some students may need to plan ahead.  There are alternative test dates for those that may be traveling on May 14th, but you need to discuss that with Ms. Arp right away. 

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