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GIS Presentation Moved to 2/25 at 7 pm at UAS

Southeast Alaska – Our Home of 3000 Estuaries
Mapping from Mountain Tops to Marine

UAS Natural History Seminar and Backwoods and Waters Natural History Programs
DATE: Moved to Thursday, February 25
TIME: 7:00 p.m.
LOCATION: UAS Sitka Campus, Room 106

Estuarine ecosystems are a central aspect of the ecological, cultural and economic vibrancy in Southeast Alaska. About 75% of commercial fish caught in Alaska use estuaries during some part of their life cycle. However, these areas are generally inadequately mapped and poorly understood and potentially vulnerable. Come see the new maps and conservation planning tools being developed for those who call SE home.
The Nature Conservancy’s Laura Baker and Sam Skaggs will describe how they are using GIS mapping to include the estuaries, shoreline, and marine basins into one linked database

This program is free and open to public.

Sponsored by the Sitka Conservation Society,


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Preview for Geopolitical Unit

As a preview of some major concepts in the geopolitical unit, go to the Knox and Marston website and complete both the Concept Review and Thinking Spatially sections for Chapter 9.  E-mail your results to me:  Since this is an open book activity, you should have perfect scores.

The Concept Review is due Tuesday, February 23rd, and the Thinking Spatially activity is due Thursday, February 25th.

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China’s Resources

As a followup to the work on China’s resource needs, I have attached an article here that discusses how “Alaska officials are looking to China and what some believe will be that country’s strong demand for natural gas to help the state advance its long-held pipeline dreams.”

For those that need to still look at other resources for writing the short essay on China’s resources, the set of links you need to follow are:

  1. SHS website
  2. Courses
  3. Library
  4. Facts on File
  5. World News Digest
  6. Curriculum Tools
  7. Exploring Topics in Geography
  8. Oil and Gas Resources
  9. China’s Energy Needs

Or, you might be able to follow this link to get there directly.

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