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National Council for Geographic Education: If This Is Your Land, Where Are Your Stories?

This is a post for the attendees at my session at the NCGE conference.  Attached are the lesson, presentations, and handouts related to the session:  If This Is Your Land, Where Are Your Stories?

If This Is Your Land, Where Are Your Stories

Presentation 9 26 09

Culture Notes Graphic Organizer (I also have a large PowerPoint on these cultural concepts.  It follows the Fellman, Getis, and Getis chapter on culture.  E-mail me if you want it.  My e-mail is

Scoring Guide for Cultural Reading Assignment (see assessment section of lesson)

Thanks for attending the session.

There is a post from July which contains another of my units/lessons on the the geopolitics of Russia.  It is from a presentation I did at the National AP Conference in San Antonio.  You may want those materials as well.


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Geographic Perspectives Project

The Geographic Perspectives Project is due Thursday, October 1st.  Students will have class time on 9/21, 9/22, and 9/24 to work in class on this assignment.  No late work is accepted unless previous prior arrangements have been made.   Students received the project outline and scoring guide in class on 9/17.

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True Maps 9/3/09

This week we are examining Chapter 1 in Human Geography in Action:  “True Maps, False Impressions:  Making, Manipulating, and Interpreting Maps.”  Tuesday in class students had a chance to complete a reading guide on this chapter.  Reading is extremely important in this course, so students got a chance to work in class to see how long it took to scan a chapter and complete a reading guide.  This reading guide (and the presentation from in-class today) is preparation for today’s computer lab on the same topic.  Both the reading guide from today and the map analysis assigned last  are due today, Thursday 9/3.  Students have received a complete calendar for this first unit.  Students can also review concepts from this chapter at the Human Geography in Action website.

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