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Mapping Opportunities

Today in class we started our first investigation with GIS.  We also discussed GIS, in particular, and geospatial technologies, in general, as a top career area.  Geospatial technologies, along with nanotechnologies and biotechnologies, have been identified by the U.S. Department of Labor as the three most important and evolving fields.  Read all about it in an article entitled, “Mapping Opportunities.”

Please put September 10 on your calendar, as that is the date of our evening SHS Open House.


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True Maps

This week we are examining Chapter 1 in Human Geography in Action:  “True Maps, False Impressions:  Making, Manipulating, and Interpreting Maps.”  Today in class, students had a chance to complete a reading guide on this chapter.  Reading is extremely important in this course, so students got a chance today to see how long it took to scan a chapter and complete a reading guide.  This reading guide (and the presentation from in-class today) is preparation for Thursday’s computer lab on the same topic.  Both the reading guide from today and the map analysis assigned last Thursday are due this Thursday 9/4.  Students have received a complete Geographical Perspectives Unit Fall 2008 Calendar for this first unit.  Students can also review concepts from this chapter at the Human Geography in Action website.

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